Resolution and DPI Explained

DPI = Dots Per Inch. True DPI is defined as how many dots can be lined up in an inch without overlapping. There are 4X as many dots in a square inch at 600 DPI than at 300 DPI. 

RMI Lasers Utilize YVO4 Technology Resulting in the Highest Resolution Marking.

CO2 Lasers Overlap Dots to achive 300DPI
CO2 Lasers Overlap Dots to achive 600DPI


Or to put it another way, Photos can ONLY be Engraved at True DPI. Note: RMI can also overlap dots for Vector Art (text) which results in extremely clean lines.

All laser marking systems produce dots (AKA laser spot size). These dots are based on a combination of the wavelength of the laser and the focus of the beam.

Laser Wavelength Best Spot Size* Typical Spot Size** True DPI
YVO4 (U-10) 1064nm 30µm (.001") 40µm ( .0015") 847 / 635 DPI
YVO4 (U-5G) 532nm 20µm (.0008") 30µm ( .001") 1,270 / 847 DPI
CO2 10600nm 76µm (.003") 178µm (.007") 334 / 142 DPI
YAG Diode Pumped 1064nm 50µm (.002") 100µm (.004") 500 / 254 DPI
YAG Flash Lamp 1064nm 50µm (.002") 100µm (.004") 500 / 254 DPI
Fiber 1030-1050nm 30µm (.001") 40µm ( .0015") 847 / 635 DPI

While Fiber and YVO4 seem similar in resolution, Fiber is much slower which generates considerably more heat.






Best Result Possible






Normal Operation on Most Materials

These are a Side By Side Comparison of the original photo and the Engraved 2.5 X 2.5" piece.

Continuous tone Photograph Actual Engraved Image at 500% magnification to show dots.