Symbol Writer Pro 2


Symbol Writer Pro 2 (SW Pro 2) is the newest software technology available for the brand new XRF Laser Series. It is as easy and user friendly as RMI’s original software, Symbol Writer Pro, but offers additional features. All of our software is developed and tested by our in-house software engineering experts. The simple interface makes consistent and high-quality marks effortless to accomplish.

One of the major new features for this software is variable text. The object can become a variable, while keeping the position of the text fixed but its alphanumeric data can be changed externally. The text object can become a Serial Number that automatically increments, a Date Code or Time Stamp that follows the PC’s clock, text strings sent by TCP/IP or Serial interface from an external device, a text string from a specified line in a text file on the Local area Network, a prompted Keyboard input from the operator or a text string from an SQL database on your Network.

SW Pro 2 gives the XRF multi-axis control, it can control the position of an X and/or a Y actuator. For example: if you need to engrave a control panel of an appliance that is wider than the laser can usually mark all at once. An X actuator can be added to move the part laterally under the laser. 

RMI Laser also offers completely custom software designed to your specs by our internal team of programmers. Alternatively, a Laser SDK (Software Development Kit) package is available for advanced users who want to program their own interface.


Barcodes, Data Matrices, MaxiCodes, QR-Codes, PDF 417 Codes and UID Wizard

  • Ideal for Part Traceability and Tracking
  • Place any information into your code
  • Build your UID or UDI in a few steps

True Type Fonts & Single Stroke Fonts

  • Supports all fonts from Microsoft® Word® & Custom Fonts
  • Specifically designed for high-speed and precision marking

Elliptical Text

  • Text in an Elliptical Orientation
  • Utilizes both Single Stroke and True Type Fonts

Graphics and Imaging

  • Imports Hi-Resolution Graphics, Photos, and Logos

Sequential Serial Numbering and Custom Auto-Dating

  • Automatically updates to the incremented value
  • Ideal for Part Traceability and Tracking
  • Customize your format or your information within your Julian Dating

Variable Text

  • Get data text from: TCP/IP, Serial Communication, Keyboard prompt, TXT files, XLS files and SQL database files.
  • Can make the text object in the marking field a variable

Multi-Axis Control

  • Ideal for marking a larger part than the laser will usually mark all at once
  • XRF can control the position of an added X and/or Y actuator 

3D Engraving

  • Ideal for deep engraving on metal

Color-coded Marking Properties

  • Objects can be assigned different colors
  • Each color can represent its own marking property

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