YVO4 Laser Series


Our DPSS (Diode-pumped solid state) Lasers utilize Nd:YV04 technologies, creating many advantages over other lasers. They can produce a precise mark without using large, external power supplies, which is energy-efficient. YV04 lasers can achieve a smaller spot size and higher energy density,  which is ideal for reflective surfaces. RMI Laser’s YV04 Laser Series comes with the world’s most compact marking head for easy integration into a variety of process flows and configurations, and an industry leading 3-year warranty and loaner program.

They are by far our most versatile laser marker machines because they can anneal metals, ablate coated metals, and color change or foam plastics all with a single laser system. If versatility is what you need, then this is the laser system for you.

The YV04 Laser Series Systems have a very short pulse duration, making them ideal for sensitive marking applications where direct part marking can cause surface degradation. Users can mark directly onto the parts without concern for surface damage, HAZ (heat-affected zones), structural degradation, recasting or stress risers.

The newest systems in the RMI Laser YV04 Laser Series are the A-10 and A-20. Expanding upon the technology and components from the current U-Series, the A-10 and A-20 have added application capabilities. The beam is specifically tuned to uniformly distribute energy making it optimal for annealing and ablating. This laser is strong enough to create dark marks on metals and is sensitive enough to get a color change on plastics without any foaming. The new laser systems have higher power and more stability than its predecessors along with having unmatched marking quality.

See our certifications for direct part marking


YV04 Marker Head
   A-10 A-20
Laser Source Built-in Diode Pumped Nd:YVO4 Diode Pumped Nd:YVO4
Wavelength 1064 nm 1064 nm
Laser Source Output 10 W 20 W
Peak Power ≤ 75 kW ≤ 150 kW
Q-switch pulse width ~10 ns @ 10 kHz ~10 ns @ 10 kHz
100mm F-Theta Lens:
Beam Spot Diameter
Max Marking Area
30 µm - 50 µm
2.55 x 2.55 in.
65 x 65mm
163mm F-Theta Lens:
Beam Spot Diameter
Max Marking Area
40 µm - 60 µm
4.13 x 4.13 in.
105 x 105 mm
254mm F-Theta Lens:
Beam Spot Diameter
Max Marking Area
60 µm - 80 µm
6 x 6 in.
150 x 150 mm
330mm F-Theta Lens:
Beam Spot Diameter
Max Marking Area
  7.9 x 7.9 in.
200 x 200 mm
420mm F-Theta Lens:
Beam Spot Diameter
Max Marking Area
  100 µm -120 µm
11.8 x 11.8 in.
300 x 300 mm
Lenses available (focal length) 100, 163, 254 mm 100, 163, 254, 330, 420 mm
Cooling System Thermoelectric / Air
Operational Temp Range* ~10 - 40 ˚C (~50 – 104 ˚F) ~10 - 35 ˚C (~50 – 95 ˚F)
Operational Humidity Range* 80% non-condensing
Weight 12.8 lbs 5.8 kg† 16.2 lbs 7.4 kg†
Dimensions LxWxH** 229 x 142 x 163 mm
(9.0 x 5.6 x 6.41)
279 x 142 x 163 mm
(11.0 x 5.6 x 6.41)
* Units stated at maximum output parameters
** Allow a minimum of 5 cm (2“) of open space around the Marker Head and Controller for free air circulation. Additionally, ensure at least 10cm (4”) of open space at the rear of the Controller and Marker Head for cable attachment and maintenance access

YV04 Controller
Operational Temp Range* 50 – 104 ˚F         10 - 40 ˚C 50 – 104 ˚F         10 - 40 ˚C
Operational Humidity Range* 80% non-condensing 80% non-condensing
Power Source AC 100 - 240 V
6A, 50/60 Hz
AC 100 - 240 V
6A, 50/60 Hz
Consumption Power    
Weight (with set of cables) 11.6 kg (25.57 lbs) 11.6 kg (25.57 lbs)
Dimensions LxWxH** 455 x 445 x 135 mm
(17.91 x 17.52 x 5.31 in.)
455 x 445 x 135 mm
(17.91 x 17.52 x 5.31 in.)


YV04 Laser Series Marking Machine Benefits:

  • Surface Marking without Surface Degradation

  • Highest Marking Speeds for Maximum Throughput

  • Marks Variable Part Geometries (Curved Surfaces)

  • Smallest Footprint YV04 Laser Marker Available

  • Complete System Warranty of 3 Years
  • Specifically-tuned Beam Shape for Optimal Annealing and Ablation

  • Uniform Energy Delivered across the Spot Size enables Precise, High-contrast Marking 
  • Anneals Metal without Etching into the Surface
  • Facilitates Color Change on Plastics without Foaming or Melting
  • Enables one-layer-at-a-time Ablation of Coated Metals (Single-layer Marking Depth Precision)


YV04 Laser Series Marking Machine Configuration Options:
  • Available with 100 mm, 163 mm, 254 mm, 330 mm, or 420 mm F-Theta Lenses
  • 10 & 20 Watt Models
  • Class I or Class IV Configurations
  • Plug and Play Rotary Chuck Adaptation
  • Custom Optics: Add a Waveplate or Change the Beam Expander

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