Micro Laser Series (Mini Laser)


The Micro Laser/ UM-2 is a full-featured, high performance, mini-laser marking machine/ engraving machine that produces high quality laser engraving at a low investment cost. This is an all-in-one system that can be placed on a table top and the protective glass enclosure option allows easy visibility of marking. It is perfect for everyday marking and engraving and can be easily transported to trade shows.

It is ideal for small scale production of high quality marks on small metal pieces, but it can be used in higher volume applications depending on the marking type and the substrate. It is the world’s most compact direct metal marking laser and its performance is totally unmatched in the industry today.

The Micro Laser is a truly versatile laser in an economical and compact package. It is able to mark multiple substrates while being compact enough to carry-on to a plane.

This UM-2 mini laser gives us an advantage over our competition, let it do the same for you. Available in 1 watt configuration, the UM-2 also has a complete 2 year warranty and our USA-based customer service.

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UM-2 Micro Laser (Mini Laser) Marker Head
Laser Source Built-in Built-In, Diode Pumped Nd:YAG
Wavelength 1064 nm
Laser Source Output 1 W @ 5 kHz 
Peak Power Up to 30 kW
Q-switch pulse width ~8 ns @ 5 kHz
100mm F-Theta Lens:
Beam Spot Diameter
Max Marking Area
50 - 60 µm
2.5 x 2.5”
65 x 65 mm
160mm F-Theta Lens:
Beam Spot Diameter
Max Marking Area
70 - 80 µm
4.1 x 4.1”
105 x 105 mm
Lenses available(back focal length)
100 & 160 mm
Cooling System Air-cooled
Operational Temp Range ~50 -104 ˚F ~10 - 40 ˚C
Operational Humidity Range 85% non-condensing
Weight 11 lbs (5 kg)
11.8 X 5.2 X 6.6"
300 X 131 X 168 mm
(without F-theta lens)
* Units stated at maximum output parameters
** Allow a minimum of 5 cm (2“) of open space around the Marker Head for free air circulation. 

UM-2 Micro Laser (Mini Laser) Benefits

Micro Laser (Mini Laser) Series Benefits:
  • Smallest Direct Metal Marking Laser
  • Most Versatile Direct Metal Marking Laser
  • True Entry Level/Starter Level Laser
  • RMI Laser Exclusive, a One-of-a-Kind Design
  • Ideal for Consumer Personalization

UM-2 Micro Laser (Mini Laser) Configurations

Micro Laser (Mini Laser) Series Configuration Options:
  • Available with 100 mm & 160 mm F-Theta Lenses
  • Class I or Class IV Configurations
  • Plug and Play Rotary Chuck Adaptation

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