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iNTEGRA Fiber Laser Series


The iNTEGRA Fiber Laser Series is the most powerful lineup that RMI Laser offers. With power levels ranging from 20-100 watts it can provide solutions from annealing to precision cutting of thin metals. Having all of the same benefits as the previous generation of lasers but with improved communications to help bridge the gap for easy integration and automation. Designed with an on-board computing architecture, the iNTEGRA Fiber Laser can communicate over Ethernet, directly with PLC’S, HTTP, and is able to work with the protocol of your choice without the need for standalone software. It can even be operated or monitored over your phone or tablet devices.

Customizable options include beam shaping, galvo mirros, or the entire scan head can be switched out based on your applications. Controlling the iNTEGRA has now become even easier and more accurate compared to previous fiber lasers with increased speeds up to 30% faster.

With the increasing cost of automation and integration having the ability to quickly implement a laser into your system is incredibly important along with being able to quickly diagnose the problem. To decrease any downtime, RMI Laser’s customer service team can do so remotely or you can configure the laser to send a report anytime an issue is detected.



  iNTEGRA Fiber 20 Watt iNTEGRA Fiber 30 Watt iNTEGRA Fiber 50 Watt iNTEGRA Fiber 100 Watt
Laser Source Built-in Yb-doped Fiber Laser    
Wavelength 1064 nm    
Laser Source Output 20 W equivalent CW Power    
Peak Power 1 mJ    
Pulse Duration 100 ns    
Pulse Frequency 2-200 kHz    
Optional Module

MOPA: Pulse Duration: 4-200 ns

Frequency: 2-1000 kHz

Max Scan Speed at 300 DPI 1693.3 mm/s 2540 mm/s  4233.3 mm/s 8466.7 mm/s
Max Resolution 1.3 micron
Warranty     2 years

100mm F-Theta Lens:
Beam Spot Diameter
Max Marking Area


~15 µm
65 x 65 mm
2.56 x 2.56 in.


163mm F-Theta Lens:
Beam Spot Diameter
Max Marking Area


~20 µm
105 x 105 mm
4.13 x 4.13 in.


254mm F-Theta Lens:
Beam Spot Diameter
Max Marking Area


~30 µm
160 x 160 mm
6.3 x 6.3 in.


330 mm F-Theta Lens:
Beam Spot Diameter
Max Marking Area


~50 µm
200 x 200 mm
7.7 x 7.7 in.


420 mm F-Theta Lens:
Beam Spot Diameter
Max Marking Area


~60 µm
254 x 254 mm
10 x 10 in.

Operating Voltage/ Current AC 100-240V, 5A 50/60 Hz    
Cooling System     Air-cooled
Operational Temp Range ~10 - 40 ˚C (~50 – 104 ˚F)
Operational Humidity Range     80% non-condensing
Weight     13 kg (29 lbs)
Dimensions LxWxH

    Marker Head: 400.05 x 130.175 x 139.7 mm (15.75 x 5.125 x 5.5in.)

Controller: Marker Head: 400.05 x 130.175 x 139.7 mm (15.75 x 5.125 x 5.5in.)

Serial I/O     RS-232 1 Mbps, RS-485 20 Mbps
Discrete I/O      6 Inputs, 6 Outputs  Max Current= 10 mA, Max Switching Speed= 20 Mbps
Highspeed I/O     2 Inputs, 2 Outputs Ext 5V ref, Max Current= 3.5 mA, Max Switching Speed= 20 Mbps
Safety     Remote Interlock, emergency stop available for integration
PC Connecting to Laser     RJ-45 (Ethernet) with 3-Port Switch
Rendering      On-board CPU or Windows PC


  • High beam quality, small spot size and large lens are optimal for fast and accurate marks
  • Ideal for very thin metals & hard metals (Rockwell Hardness >50)
  • Engineered for maximum uptime and reliability, virtually maintenance free
  • Highest Power Laser Options, up to 100 Watts
  • Backed by a 2-year warranty, world-class support including remote diagnostic abilities


  • Available with 100 mm, 163 mm, 254 mm, 330 mm, or 420 mm F-Theta Lenses
  • 20, 30, 50 & 100 Watt Models
  • Class I or Class IV Configurations
  • Plug and Play Rotary Chuck Adaptation
  • Ability to switch out the scan head

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