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RMI LASER Announces the Release of the iNTEGRA Fiber Laser Series

Sep 01, 2017

integra laser seriesLafayette, CO September 1, 2017- RMI Laser, LLC (www.rmilaser.com), a nationwide manufacturer of laser marking systems, announced the release of the iNTEGRA Fiber Laser Series. RMI Laser’s iNTEGRA Fiber Laser Series becomes the most powerful laser marking machine series sold inside their already comprehensive line of laser marking solutions.

The iNTEGRA features expanded depth marking on hard metals with high resolution for quality part marking for a wide range of manufacturing and assembly line applications. These new powerful fiber lasers for industrial marking come equipped with power levels ranging from 20-100 watts making the new line very versatile. Providing solutions from annealing to engraving or even precision cutting of thin metals. 

The iNTEGRA Fiber laser was invented with automation and integration in mind for the customer. The iNTEGRA Fiber series is designed to integrate with a customer’s current manufacturing process so a business can upgrade their capabilities quickly. Designed with an on-board computing architecture, the iNTEGRA Fiber Laser can communicate over Ethernet, directly with PLC’S, HTTP, and is able to work with the protocol of your choice without the need for standalone software. It can even be operated or monitored over your phone or tablet devices.

The iNTEGRA is 30% faster and more accurate than previous fiber laser models. It is also more robust because its industrial-grade hardware is made for industrial environments making iNTEGRA lasers virtually maintenance free. Customizable options include beam shaping, galvo mirros, or the entire scan head can be switched out based on your applications.

In addition, the RMI Laser customer service team can diagnose or upgrade the iNTEGRA lasers remotely resulting in much less unscheduled downtime for every business.

About RMI Laser, LLC - www.rmilaser.com designs, engineers and manufacturers world-class laser marking systems in the USA. Recognized for superior customer care and an industry-leading warranty, RMI Laser engineers, technicians and staff are adept at off-the-shelf and custom design to meet the needs of clients around the globe.

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Heidi Schaer, Manager, Marketing RMI Laser, LLC
303-664-9000 heidig(at)rmilaser.net


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