RMI Laser

RMI Leadership Team

Steve Hahn
Steve Hahn CEO
Mr. Hahn is a photonics industry specialist with extensive experience marketing products including laser optics, coatings, optical assemblies, advanced materials, and laser engravers and equipment. Joining RMI Laser in 2000, Mr. Hahn took on numerous project management and leadership roles, utilizing his background in creative high-tech sales and marketing. Prior to RMI, he worked in sales and business development at Sun Microsystems (now Oracle). Mr. Hahn earned an MBA in Management and Entrepreneurship from the University of Colorado Boulder and a BA in Economics from Tufts University. He has been CEO since 2010.
Dr. Yubong Hahn
Dr. Yubong Hahn Founder & Chief Scientist
As a renowned expert in laser optics and coatings, Dr. Hahn first began experimenting with laser engravers and equipment within the R&D department of his optics company, Rocky Mountain Instrument Co. (RMI). Before long, Dr. Hahn was able to grow the budding department into a standalone business, and in 1998 RMI Laser was founded, specializing in precision laser engravers and equipment utilizing DPSS (YVO4, YAG, and fiber) laser technology. Since then, Dr. Hahn has been the technical and visionary force for the company. He has also founded several other leading companies in the photonics industry and remains most passionate about the technical advancement of laser engravers and equipment. Dr. Hahn earned his Ph.D. and MS in Physics from the Missouri University of Science and Technology and a BS in Physics from West Virginia Wesleyan College.
Greg Minton
Greg Minton Vice President, Corporate Affairs
Since 2006, Greg has served RMI on a wide range of corporate affairs issues including contracts, ITAR training, safety, licensing, document control, government regulation, and intellectual property. Greg possesses a wide range of experiences and a unique blend of legal, business, and scientific backgrounds. An alumnus of 3 Colorado universities, Greg earned a BA in Philosophy from the University of Colorado Boulder, a JD from the University of Denver, and an MS in Geology from the Colorado School of Mines.
Sergery Sobolev
Sergey Sobolev Director of Technology
Mr. Sobolev brings over 20 years of experience managing all technical aspects of RMI's laser engraving equipment product lines. Joining RMI in 1993, Mr. Sobolev was one the founding team members of RMI Laser upon formation in 1998. A true photonics technology expert, Mr. Sobolev's professional experience expands beyond laser engraving equipment and includes laser diode waveguide technology, VLSI memory chip insulation layer technology, and ion sputtering sources development. Born in Minsk, Belarus Mr. Sobolev earned an MS is radio-electronics equipment technology and an ABD in microelectronics technology at the Minsk Radio Engineering Institute. Mr. Sobolev moved to Colorado in 1992 and now resides in Denver where he enjoys tennis and skiing.

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