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Since 1998 RMI Laser has been focused solely on the design and manufacture of affordable Diode-Pumped Solid-State (DPSS) and Fiber Laser Marking Systems in the 1064 nm and 532 nm wavelengths. All of our products are designed and manufactured onsite.

We do not focus on any other type of laser systems, only on laser marking. This direct focus has developed into a vast series of lasers for industrial, commercial and retail marking, etching and engraving applications used on a wide assortment of metal and plastic surface types.

We have thousands of laser units installed worldwide and our singular focus on laser marking systems has led to the creation of the world’s most compact laser marking scan head which is ideal for integration into existing work cells and assembly areas. We also offer free onsite sample markings. Let our laser systems experience and vast expertise be your business advantage.

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Laser Marking Systems

RMI Laser offers affordable, precision Laser Marking Systems for a variety of materials and work flow needs.

RMI Laser Marking Systems come in a range of wattages, wavelengths, and technologies to ensure we have the right marking laser for your application.


Laser Workstations

The most commonly used equipment with Laser Marking Systems is a Class 1 Workstation. These “light-tight” safety workstations enclose the laser’s radiation to eliminate any ocular hazard so the marking system can operate in any location on your manufacturing floor.



Expand your marking capabilities by adding accessories to your Laser Marking System.

RMI Laser offers plug and play accessories for our workstations and systems to ensure the laser marker is an integral part of your workflow.

Custom Laser Enclosure Solutions

Custom Solutions

We don't have a one size fits all approach to your business.

Our experienced engineers, technicians, and staff carefully can analyze our customer's needs and applications and find the best laser solution - utilizing custom designs and engineering.

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